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Marshals & Radio Crews

Welcome to the 2019 marshal registration page. 

The event will once again be a round of the Motor Sport News Circuit Championship. 

We'd obviously like to see you again for the16th February and would ask that if you are planning on coming along to marshal please be kind enough to register through the online process.




Once registered, if you need to change any of your details before the day of the rally please email me direct at the address below.


 As last year, we will split the stage into sectors with an overall leader for each section.


They are: -

                        Martin Newson

                        Keith Pettitt

                        John Davie

                        Richard Warne

                        Neil Dodd         Service Area Manager

 If you have any preference with whom you would like to work, make sure you let me know. Likewise, should you have a favourite place you would like to marshal, we will try to accommodate.

 The first one hundred marshals to sign up for this year’s event will be given two chances to win one of our cash prizes.


            Please contact 


            Martin Newson

            Home Phone 01502 716280  (AFTER 6.30 UNTIL 9.30pm)

            Text only mobile  - 07717 109472 only text this number and I will return the call.



Pictures courtesy of M & H Photography